The following information is essential for you to understand how a sea kayak trip works.

As a tour operator we take safety of our clients very seriously (there are no compromises).
Sea kayaking is an individual experience where each person on the tour or course is subjected to forces of nature and we have no way of judging the capabilities or skills of each individual until they have actually arrived.

As a result, we ask that you read the following information very carefully and consider whether you are fit and able to go sea kayaking before committing yourself, other clients and ourselves to your decision to attend.

Weather conditions.

All sea kayak trips are subject to changeable weather conditions. On open seas we are unable to operate safely in winds greater than force 4.  We will modify the trip route to give protection from the wind if possible, but if not we will be forced to cancel or postpone the trip entirely.

If that occurs we will  provide an alternate trip that is safer, or if not possible provide a full refund unless the trip has commenced already and needs to shortened. 

Tidal currents.

Every sea kayak trip is subject to the currents created by the daily tidal flow of the oceans. Hong Kong has over 260 islands in the archipelago making the tidal currents complex. These currents do not flow in the same direction or time each day so trips are effected differently on different days.

Your guide will modify the route of the trip to mitigate or increase the effects of the current on the trip on the day. Please understand this is for safety and comfort.

Tour Distances

Each tour has been designed to be a distance that can be paddled by people of moderate fitness, able to paddle about 4 kms per hour in protected waters. However, our tours are not always in protected waters and sometimes have tidal currents or winds against us so it is possible that distances may change to suit the conditions.

It is important for any person deciding to book on a sea kayak tour to understand it is their responsibility to be fit enough to do the distance required as in many cases there will not be the opportunity to shorten the trip due to topographic or access reasons.

If any of the conditions during the conduct of the tour change, including weather or participant abilities we may need to modify the distance travelled during the tour. This can have an impact on the time taken too.

Tour times.

Each sea kayak tour has been designed to fit in a desired time slot as advertised on each tour description. However, these can vary due to the local conditions on the day as well as the abilities of the participants of the tour.
After taking more than a 1,000 people kayaking around Hong Kong we have fine tuned the trips to fit the times as much as possible, but sometimes we get unavoidable delays. Do not plan a tight schedule around any outdoor activity, especially sea kayaking.

Personal responsibilities.

Sea kayaking is an individual effort where each participant HAS TO be able to complete the distance of the trip. This is not optional.
Please ensure you are fit enough to complete the trip you have booked onto. If in doubt, don’t go!