Discover Sea Kayaking

why would we offer a FREE kayak course?

3 very good reasons

Reason 1 – providing a free sea kayak course means that people who have never sea kayaked before get a chance to ‘try before they buy’.
Sea kayaking is a relatively unknown activity to the general tourist. Many people have paddled a kayak while on holiday, but that is 99.9% of the time on what we call a ‘sit on top’ kayak at a resort or beach holiday destination. THAT IS NOT SEA KAYAKING!
Sea kayaking requires some paddling skills to the control the kayak as we travel in the open ocean which has waves, currents and winds. All these effect how the sea kayak behaves.

Reason #2 – safety = more fun
By providing a free kayak control course we can ensure that anyone of our guests have the opportunity to brush up on their kayak control skills before committing to a sea kayak tour with us. This makes everybody’s life easier and less stressful. As a direct result, people will be able to enjoy their time on the water instead of trying to work out how to keep their kayak straight.

Reason # 3 – once someone has tasted sea kayaking in Hong Kong they soon realise what an amazing sea kayak destination it is. If you enjoyed the sea kayaking experience, you may be tempted to try one of our other trips as a direct result.
****there is no obligation of any kind to take another tour with us! This is totally FREE.

Hong Kong has over 260 islands, hundreds of remote swimming beaches and more than a 1,000 kms of spectacular coastline.
After completing the free course you will be skilled enough to attempt our easier half day and day trips and may want to do so.  If that is the case, we have created another customer with our time and effort – but more importantly, because of Reason #2, any trip taken after the course will be far more rewarding for both you the guest and our instructors running the tours. A ‘win / win’ scenario.

The course description

Once you arrive on Lamma island you will be met by your instructor. We will then take a short walk to the kayak base to change into our kayaking gear. 

From the base we hike to the course location which will be 1 of 3 beaches depending on which way and how strong the wind is blowing. 
At the beach, the instructor will go through what makes a sea kayak different to other craft. Remember, everyone there will not know what sea kayaking is, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

We will then go through the different paddling techniques for 5 different paddle strokes. After understanding where, why and when to use these strokes, we will practice on the water, taking the kayak on a series of maneouvres so that you become proficient at making the kayak travel in a straight line, turn and stop. Its great fun learning so you will enjoy it for sure.

What will I learn?
The next few slides will show you images and descriptions of the topics - scroll through until the end to view.
What is a sea kayak?
sounds funny, but the number of people who don't have a clue about this is amazing. Turn to the next slide to find out.
A Sea Kayak
single and double
Paddle strokes and techniques
How to correctly use the paddle to make an effective stroke without tiring yourself out.
paddle strokes
Kayak entry & exit
How to get in and out of your kayak safely and without falling in.
Have fun
Sea Kayak Hong Kong free course
Meeting place & time
WEDNESDAY MORNINGS: Sok Kwu Wan ferry pier on Lamma Island at 9:15 am.
Duration & Location
10:00am to 12:noon - 2 hours. We will have 3 possible locations where we will deliver the course, depending on the prevailing wind direction and speed. All are on Lamma Island.
use of sea kayak equipment; professional sea kayak instruction personal safety gear & rescue equipment
What to bring.
Bring a swimming costume, hat, sunglasses, shorts and wet shoes to wear in the kayak. For sun protection we recommend a long sleeved shirt.
What to bring.
Bring a spare pair of shoes that will get wet in the kayak. If you only have flip flps or crocs, then wear your trainers in teh kayak and flip flops after to walk home.
Don't Bring
A water bottle you bought from a store that can only be used once! These are killing our oceans. If you do not have a refillable bottle, you can use one of ours for the day.
Don't Bring
Anything of value that may get lost or ruined by immersion in salt water. We have waterproof cameras so will be taking photos of the event that you can get for free later.
The shoes will get wet as you stand in the water to get and out of the kayak. They are also for safety and need to stay on. NO FLIP FLOPS or CROCS!
Not necessarily, depending on what you want to do after the course eg lunch etc. The course is absolutely free.
No. Bring it with you or buy it at one of the restaurants at Sok Kwu Wan afterwards if you want to eat on the island.

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