Half day tours in Hong Kong

Tai Tam Harbour 1/2 Day Tour

free optional extras include:-

Stanley Markets, the Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail, The Dragon's Back Trail

What to expect.

This is an easy sea kayak trip in protected waters which will cover about 8 km’s paddling along the coast of Tai Tam Bay. Starting from an old fishing village below the face of the impressive tai Tam dam wall, we will explore the inlets, beaches, waterfalls, temples and the war relics that line this beautiful bay.
Depending on the prevailing winds, we will also sneak under the impressive but bizaar high rise buildings that sit precariously on the edge of the steep shores. We will have plenty of time to swim and explore. 

SKILL LEVEL: This trip is suitable for beginners.
FITNESS LEVEL: You will not need to be fit to complete this distance.
KAYAKING EXPERIENCE: No basic kayaking experience is required
If in doubt, try our FREE Discover Sea Kayaking Course and see what you think. Ask the instructor if you would be able to do the trip.
DURATION: Easy (less than 10 kms)
DEPARTS: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 am
PRICE: HK$400 pp

FREE Optional Extensions - The Heritage Trail Hike: the Dragon's Back Hike: and Stanley Markets.

Our meeting place is in beautiful Stanley, but we do not have time to explore it before heading to our kayak base at Tai Tam Tuk.  After the sea kayak trip, from this base it is possible to return to Central by 2 different routes and do 2 of Hong Kong’s iconic hiking trails. These are the Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail (5 k’s) or the world famous Dragon’s Back Trail. 

 If neither of these appeal then you can return to Stanley and explore the many historical monuments and local markets that Stanley is famous for.

These are self guided options, but your kayak guide will be able to provide you with a detailed pamphlet on how and where to go.

Hong Kong Island 1/2 day - more details

Hong Kong Island

One of the most densely populated islands in the world and home to one of the most vertical cities, with a population of over 4 million people living and an area of 2,755 sq km.

What is surprising is, within 15 minutes of leaving the mega city you can be on a hiking trail in a wilderness area with amazing views, surrounded by nature, or within 45 minutes, at a beautiful beach with almost no one in sight.

Our 1/2 day sea kayak trip starts at Stanley, a famous (and exclusive / chic) seaside town on the south side of Hong Kong Island. Our sea kayak journey will explore an excusive part of Hong Kong Island from the vantage point of the water.

Hong Kong Island
surprising, historical, unbelievable
Tai Tam Bay
exclusive residences above a world war 2 battle field.

Stanley Market & more pirates!

Before Hong Kong became a city and port, Stanley had the largest population and the relatively strong local economy. Many foreign merchants and seamen came ashore here. Guided by the local Tankas they explored the whole island, travelling along the southern shore to Deepwater bay, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong Wai (Old Wong Chuk Hang Wai) and Pokfulam where they climbed the uplands to reach the northern part of Hong Kong Island known as Central today. 

In the early years of the city, the British earmarked Stanley and Hong Kong Village as development bases initially. However, the scarcity of land and threats from coastal pirates discouraged them.

The British decided to base their development along the northern coast. Many pirates had their strongholds in Aberdeen and Stanley. They robbed merchant ships sailing past and often caused loss of lives and properties. The pirate problem made voyaging merchants terror-stricken and troubled the Hong Kong Government. Eventually the authority took resolute action and rooted them out. 

The Second World War

As part of a general Pacific campaign, the Imperial Japanese launched an assault on Hong Kong on the morning of 8 December 1941 Hong Kong local time. British, Canadian, and Indian forces, supported by the Hong Kong Volunteer Defense Forces attempted to resist the rapidly advancing Imperial Japanese but were heavily outnumbered.

During the Battle of Hong Kong in December 1941, the Stanley Fort was where British and Canadian troops mounted a final last stand.

Our sea kayak trip takes into the battle grounds / seas surrounding Stanley Peninsula and Stanley Fort. All along the shoreline we see gun emplacements used as the colonial forces fought fiercely to resist the invading Japanese Army.

Tai Tam Bay & the Waterworks Heritage Trail

Tai Tam means ‘a big pool’ in the Chinese language which decribes the bay in which we paddle, stretching between Stanley Peninsula, D’Aguilar Peak and Tai Tam Tuk, innermost of Tai Tam bay now known as Tai Tam Harbour.
The eastern fring of Tai Tam Bay boasts some of the most exclusive land developments in Hong Kong. They sit surreal atop the hillsides above lush growth clinging to steep inclines that precluse any developments on the waterfront.
The northern end of the bay is fronted by the Dam Wall of the Tai Tam Bay waterworks, the first large water catchment built in the early 1900’s. It also is where the 5 km Tai Tam Waterwarks Hertiage Trail starts and terminates. This is also where our kayak base is.
The eastern coast of the bay is made up of lush greenery, abandoned villages, small deserted swimming beaches and the start of the Dragon’s Back Trail, one of the most popular in Hong Kong.

The trip in

heading south into the bay
where else but Hong Kong?
Hong Kong is a strange mix
the sun gets really hot in Hong Kong
water views for sure
nature, history and modern Hong Kong
we made it back home. Maybe its ime to do some hiking?