Sea Kayak Tours in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an amazing destination for sea kayakers. There are over 260 islands and around 1,000 kms of coastline.

We operate tours from 3 of these islands – Lamma, Hong Kong and Lantau, but we also offer extended expeditions in Hong Kong’s UNESCO Global Geopark, a spectacular & unique part of the Hong Kong coastal environment.


Full Day

HK$ 750


Most days - 9:15 am to 5:30 pm

Lamma Island is the closest island to Hong Kong, only 3 kms as the crow flies, just a 35 minte ferry ride from the centre of Hong Kong city.

This is our most popular sea kayak trip. Suitable for beginners.


Half Day

HK$ 400

April - December

Most days - 13:30 am to 17:00 pm

Our Hong Kong Island kayak trips are based from Stanley, a very popular tourism destination on the beautiful south coast of the island.

This trip connects with the Dragon’s Back morning hiking trip.




Mid Feb - November

Wednesday 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

A basic kayak control course to introduce sea kayaking to people who have always wanted to try it but weren’t sure they were capable OR what sea kayaking was really was about. Sea kayaking is amazing.
Try it and see. It’s our pleasure to teach you.

The spectacular Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark



(sections 1 & 2)

7 DAYS : 6 NTS - HK$ 8,900

April - November

Departs 2nd Sunday

What is a Global Geopark?

Put simply, it is an area / region recognised by UNESCO as being of globally significant and unique geological features that should be showcased and protected.
Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark is made up of 8 such areas all encompassed within the one Geopark.
Sea Kayak Hong Kong has created a seakayak expedition to 7 of the 8 locations, neatly divided into two distinct sections both significantly different in their geological AND sea kayaking nature.


(section 1)

4 DAYS : 3 NTS - HK$ 5,800

April to November

Departs 2nd Sunday

This section of the Geopark is spectacular.

Open exposed ocean means it is for experienced sea kayakers only. 

Towering cliffs of columner tuft, sea caves, sea arches and tunnels that pass totally through islands. Scattered around the coast are deep indentations providing beautiful white beaches on which to camp and rest.



(section 2)

3 DAYS : 2 NTS - HK$ 3,600

April - December

Departs 2nd Wednesday

Double Haven is a declared area of Scientific Significance and part of the UNESCO Global Geopark.

The ring of islands surrounding the central lagoon provide plenty of bays, coves and beaches for us to find a beautiful campsite for the night.

In absolute contrast to Seaction 1, is sedimentary not volcanic & is the most sheltered lagoon in the country.

It is also, arguably the most remote area of Hong Kong.

WHat we do, WHY & HOW

Sea Kayak Hong Kong 2017 ocean conservation

Ocean Literacy & Conservation

Sea Kayak Hong Kong (SKHK) is an ocean conservation, education and adventure tour organisation. The core principles of the company are based on ‘sustainability ‘ and ‘Ocean Literacy.  We live and breathe the mantra “REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE”. The reasons are obvious once you see the state of the oceans world wide – Hong Kong is no exception.

We provide sea kayak adventure tours and expeditions, educational camps for schools and sea kayak training courses for peop lewishing to master the ‘art’ of sea kayaking.

SKHK was formed in March 2016 and now has an active sea kayak club with over 800 members, conducts sea kayak training courses every weekend and has taken more than a thousand tourists around the beaut iful coastline of Hong Kong, Lamma and Lantau Islands.

Lamma Island sea kayaking

Our expertise

Sea Kayak Hong Kong (SKHK) was formed in March 2016 by seasoned sea kayakers with over 1,000 days sea kayaking experience in Hong Kong waters. We are by far the most experienced sea kayakers in Hong Kong. We have explored every meter of the coastline here in all weather and sea conditions. This gives us an unequalled knowledge of the best tours to operate in conditions that are safe.

We also operate a sea kayak club for locals who wish to explore Hong Kong by sea.

We do club trips and training courses EVERY weekend. We provide international standard sea kayak training courses on a weekly basis as well, so our information, techniques, skills and local knowledge is always current.


Our accommodation

There are 2 free camping areas for people who wish to stay on Lamma island and taste the wild life. Our campsite in central Lamma is on the west coast, just 15 minutes walk from our kayak base. The campsite is a series of abandoned rice terraces overlooking the ocean that we maintain next to our west coast launching site. This has access to public toilets, showers, fresh water and a small kiosk. There is also an open BBQ area if you wish to do some cooking. 

We can also rent tents and camping equipment for those who are travelling without them.
Contact us for details.

We also have a range of accommodation available – email us for details.